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This multi-purpose hall offers an immense pillar-less space of 3,000 ㎡ and supports gatherings of up to 2,500 guests, exhibitions, and any other kind of event imaginable. In banquet format, it accommodates 1300 seated or 2000 standing guests, the largest number in Kyoto. It is connected to the Main Hall by a dedicated covered passageway and is also adjacent to the new hall, for combined simultaneous use for a conference and banquet of up to 2000 guests. It has a dedicated entrance directly connected to the Kokusaikaikan Subway Station passageway, making it convenient for independent use as well.

Panorama Photo


Floor 1 〔ceiling extends to 3rd floor〕 *separate building
Area Hall 3,000㎡
Lobby 235㎡
Entrance hall 185㎡
Café Terrace 360㎡ (2nd floor)
Ceiling height max 19.2 m / min 8.2 m
Floor load capacity Hall 5.0t/㎡
Stage and Lobby 0.3t/㎡
Stage W 20.0 m x D 5.5 m (may be raised to a maximum of 2 m)
Outline dimensions W 75.5 m x D 57.0 m


Layout Number of seats Layout PDF
  • 1,000
  • 2,500
Round table
  • 1,100
Long table
  • 1,700
Scale drawings


  • Art battens (movable)
  • Lighting battens (fixed)
  • Loading entrance height 4.0 m, width 3.5 m
  • Ceiling lighting 400-600 lx
  • Permanent power supply 60Hz, 136kVA
  • Telephone lines available
  • Broadcasting equipment available
  • Water supply drain points 49 in hall
  • Draw curtain and backdrop curtain  available
  • 1 Office room

Case Study


Incentive award dinner(1)


Incentive award dinner(2)


Incentive award dinner(3)


ROSCon 2022


Art collaboration Kyoto


The 50th Annual Meetings of the Japanese
Society of Intensive Care Medicine


Transducers 2023


Protostars and Planets VII

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