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Free Public Wi-Fi

Free wireless internet service is available inside the buildings for up to 60 minutes per session.
Please be considerate of others when using this service.

Area Entire Center
(Excluding the Japanese garden and outdoor areas)
Standard IEEE802.11ac
PW No password required
Connection time per session 60 min
Communication speed 60~200Mbps
No. of devices supported at one time Approx. 3,000

< Notes >
■ This service is offered on a best-effort basis, and communication speed and quality are not guaranteed.
  High access volume may cause a drop in communication speed or difficulty connecting.
■ The service can be used in all areas where the SSID appears, but it may not be available in areas where the signal does not reach or is
  too weak.
■ Not available in the Japanese garden, tea ceremony house, or parking lots.
■ Individual users are responsible for maintaining the security of connected devices. ICC Kyoto cannot offer support with regard to device
  settings and environments.
■ ICC Kyoto assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any viruses, intercepted communications, information leakage or loss, unauthorized
  access, user impersonation, or malfunction, loss, or damage to devices resulting from use of this service.
■ ICC Kyoto assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting from unexpected service disruptions or complications.
■ Please refrain from operations that use the service’s capacity for long periods of time, such as transmitting and receiving large files, as
  this may inconvenience other users.

Temporary Wi-Fi (Paid Service)

Paid services such as dedicated connections and enhanced WiFi for high data volume are also available.

Temporary Wi-Fi can be installed for a fee based on the intended usage.

Please contact us regarding the following :

  • Creating a separate SSID and password to differentiate your event from others
  • Enabling participants to download materials or use their own devices to participate in sessions
  • Requiring participants to view and download digital abstracts and other materials due to a paperless format
  • Having participants download a dedicated app for the event at the venue
  • Providing an environment where participants can hold online meetings in the lobbies