Exquisite Japanese Garden Hospitality
NIWA café
produced by MAEDA COFFEE

A beautiful Japanese garden, complemented by modernist architecture and interior design.
Completed with a cup of hospitality from NIWA café.
Enjoy drinks, light meals, and snacks in an atmosphere that sets your mind and heart at ease.


Produced by Maeda Coffee, one of Kyoto's longstanding coffee
houses, NIWA café offers authentic tastes and the rich aroma
of fresh coffee.


Our global menu caters to guests with a variety of food cultures and dietary habits.


We avoid using plastic bottles and plastic packaging
as much as possible.

Seating: 10 tables, 40 seats, 4 high tables
※Business hours and number of seats are subject to change.

Inquiries: 075-705-2111
E-mail: order4(at)maedacoffee.com

Located in the 1st floor lounge of ICC Kyoto, NIWA café offers a place to relax while
enjoying the scenery of the beautiful Japanese garden and Takaragaike Lake.

Enjoy authentic coffee produced by Maeda Coffee in a modernist architectural atmosphere.
Menu offerings include light meals such as beef rice bowls, taco rice,
or sandwiches; original baked goods; and vegan options.