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NIWA café Catering

NIWA café catering, produced by Maeda Coffee, offers in-house roasted coffee and sweets baked by patissiers for coffee breaks during meetings and events. Catering for beverages and refreshments is available for events of up to 500 participants, while catering for food is available for events of up to 100 participants.


Catered Service

Coffee (hot / iced) / Tea (hot / iced) china cup / glassJPY 550
Juice (orange / apple) glassJPY 550
Oolong teaglassJPY 550
Mineral water(400ml)aluminum bottleJPY 220
Tea(275ml)aluminum bottleJPY 220

Self Service

Coffee (hot / iced) / Tea (hot / iced)
 ・1 – 10 cupsdisposable cup
china cup
JPY 330 / cup
JPY 440 / cup
 ・Pot (10 cups) disposable cupJPY 2,750

 ※JPY 2,420 / pot (10 cups) when ordering 60 or more cups

Juice (orange / apple)
 ・1 – 10 cupsdisposable cup
china cup
JPY 330 / cup
JPY 440 / cup
 ・Pitcher (10 cups)disposable cupJPY 2,750

 ※JPY 2,420 / pitcher (10 cups) when ordering 60 or more cups

Water tank (approx. 70 cups)disposable cupJPY 1,870
Tea tank (approx. 70 cups)disposable cupJPY 2,310 (green tea / roasted green tea / oolong tea)

※Tax (10%) and service charge included


NIWA café’s original sweets will leave guests wanting seconds. Sweets can also be served individually wrapped for peace of mind.

Original pound cake
JPY 275 / slice
Choose from 5 flavors: Coffee / matcha green tea / chocolate / banana and tea / dried fruit

Original ball cookies
JPY 275 / 4 pcs. (1 each of 4 flavors)
Snow, maccha, soy flour, sesame

Original cookies
JPY 275 / 4 pcs (1 each of 4 types)
Cookies (cocoa, cheese, tea), biscotti

Original Cakes
Kyoto Style mousse, Banana chocolate cake, Strawberry short cake, Chocokate and caramel tart, etc.

※Tax (10%) and service charge included


Vegetarian menus are also available, please email for details.

NIWA café

E-mail : order4(at)

Food&Beverage NIWA café