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Booking & Payment

Follow these steps to book rooms.

  • STEP 1 Inquire about availability
  • STEP 2 Provisional application
  • STEP 3 Facility use application (full application)
  • STEP 4 Pay advance payment
  • STEP 5 Discuss usage plan
  • STEP 6 Day of event
  • STEP 7 Billing
  • STEP 8 Request for feedback (survey)

Step 1: Availability Inquiry

Complete and submit the online Availability Inquiry Form below. ICC Kyoto staff will contact you with availability and a proposal.

Inquiry form
  • *Replies will be made the next business day for inquiries on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, or days when we are closed.
  • *Please call if you have any additional questions.
    Telephone: +81-75-705-1325

Step 2: Tentative Reservation

If you are satisfied with the content of the proposal, you may make a tentative reservation.
The tentative reservation period is 2 weeks.
Cancelation fees do not apply during the tentative reservation period.

Tentative reservation form

Step 3: Application Form

When the final decision to apply for use has been made, the following documents will be sent electronically. Please confirm each document before completing and submitting the Application Form.

Terms of Use
  • ・Guidance on Agreement and Payment
  • ・ICC Kyoto Application Form
  • ・Estimate

Step 4: Contract

After review of the Application Form, the ICC Kyoto Venue Usage Agreement will be sent. Please sign and return the Agreement once the content has been finalized.

Step 5: Payment

The amount, payment due date, and the method of payment for the usage fees for rooms will be specified in the Venue Usage Agreement. Payment for equipment, furniture, display materials, personnel and services should be made no later than two weeks before use.

Step 6: Order and Final Estimate

Organizers are requested to have a detailed discussion with an ICC Kyoto representative about the use of equipment, furniture, display materials, personnel and services and place orders before the event. A final estimate will be issued after confirming the orders.

Step 7: Day of Event

A dedicated staff member will support you during preparation, execution, and closing of the event.

Step 8: Billing

After the event, an invoice will be sent for any additional charges that were not covered by pre-payment.