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Initiatives as an International Conference Center

Attracting International Conferences

Overseas Promotion

We actively exhibit at MICE trade fairs held in Europe and North America such as IMEX and IBTM. By participating regularly, we are able to develop trusted relationships with the headquarters of international organizations and overseas core PCOs (Professional Congress Organizers), leading to an increased number of international conferences that we bid for directly.

AIME 2017 – Participated for the first time in Melbourne

IBTM World 2022 – Participated for the first time in 3 years after the COVID-19 pandemic in Barcelona

Dedicated Team for Attracting International Conferences

We have established a system that provides total support for attracting international conferences, from the creation of proposals and assistance with presentations to site visits for selecting venues. Experienced staff who have received training from specialist institutions provide full-scale support for bidding.
Supporting Your Event

Convention Sales

Facilities Designed for International Meetings

Variety of Meeting Rooms and Spaces for Socializing

In addition to a diverse range of 70 meeting rooms, there are many other spaces that can enhance socialization between meetings, including spacious lobbies and lounges, a Japanese garden that can also host parties, and a traditional Japanese teahouse.
IROS 2022

AV and Telecommunications

An optical fiber cable network connects the main venues, and audio and video can be centrally managed, making it possible to respond to sudden changes during an event. Ten rooms are equipped with simultaneous interpretation booths and many live broadcasts have also been held, with consistently high praise for the support provided by our experienced operators.
14th UN Congress

High Speed Internet Connection

Dedicated NURO optical lines were installed in the Kyoto International Conference Center in 2021 to ensure that large hybrid conferences can be held stress-free. In 2022, we further introduced Flet’s Hikari Cross, a new high-speed optical line.
High Speed Internet

Security and VIP Support

Surrounded by mountains and a lake, ICC Kyoto was designed as a facility for international conferences, so it is easy to set up security measures. Having successfully hosted numerous UN-sponsored conferences and intergovernmental conferences to date, we have earned a high degree of trust from international organizers. There are also VIP rooms for receiving royal family members and other important guests.

Main Entrance
Room 160
Event Hall

Services for International Conferences

ICC Kyoto is experienced in accommodating special meals, food allergies, and religious requests. We can also prepare and provide special menus according to customer requests.
Vegetarian Menu

Halal-Friendly Mutton Curry
Vegan Vegetable Tempura

Strengthened Hygiene Management

Various measures have been implemented to ensure a hygienic environment, such as regularly letting in outside air to meet the required ventilation volume (30 ㎥ per hour per person) under the stipulations of Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
Cleaning and Sterilization
Microphones disinfection
every morning before use

Expansive Spaces

We offer four large halls of over 1,500㎡, numerous small rooms with windows, and spacious public areas, providing safe and
secure spaces for events.