Site Policy

Site Policy

This Site Policy was last updated on March 15, 2024.
This website (this “Website”) is operated and maintained by Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation; hereinafter, “ICC Kyoto” or “we”).
Before using this Website, please confirm and agree to each of the conditions specified below.
ICC Kyoto may change the usage conditions of this Website without advance notice.
In such case, the updated usage conditions will apply, so please make sure to check the most up-to-date version.
By using this Website, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the usage conditions.

1. Copyrights

Any copyrights, etc. (including moral rights of the author and neighboring rights) concerning texts, images, photographs, paintings, videos, music, programs and other works posted on this Website (collectively, the “Contents”) belong to ICC Kyoto or the authors thereof.

Under the Copyright Act, it is prohibited to engage in any act of reproduction, transmission to the public (including making a work available for transmission), recitation, exhibition, transfer, renting out, translation, adaption, modification, cutting, reprinting/reposting, etc. of any Contents beyond the scope of private use as permitted under the Copyright Act, and you are not allowed to engage in such acts without the prior written consent of ICC Kyoto and the rights holder of the relevant Contents; provided, however, that, in the case where separate conditions are individually stipulated within this Website, such conditions shall prevail.

2. Use of Trademarks

The trademarks, logos and service marks used on this Website are trademarks, etc. owned by ICC Kyoto or its affiliates.
You are not granted any license to use the trademarks, etc.
Any unauthorized diversion or reprinting/reposting of the trademarks, etc. posted on this Website is prohibited.

3. Warranty for Contents

While ICC Kyoto exerts its efforts to ensure that the information provided on this Website is accurate and up-to-date, it does not warrant its completeness.
ICC Kyoto shall not be responsible in any way watsoever for any errors or omissions in the content of this Website.
ICC Kyoto reserves the right to revise the content of this Website without advance notice.

4. Disclaimer

While ICC Kyoto exerts every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Website, it shall not be responsible for any actions taken by users based on the information on this Website.

Other websites which are linked in this Website may include websites that are not under the control of ICC Kyoto (such sites shall hereinafter be referred to as “Third-Party Websites”).

ICC Kyoto shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for your use of Third-Party Websites.
In addition, even if a Third-Party Website is linked in this Website, this does not imply ICC Kyoto’s endorsement of the use of such Third-Party Website or any of the products, services, companies, etc. posted on such Third-Party Website, nor does it imply any affiliation or other relationship between ICC Kyoto and the company, etc. that operates such Third-Party Website.

ICC Kyoto reserves the right to change or delete, etc. the content of this Website without advance notice.
In addition, ICC Kyoto reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or discontinue, etc. the operation of this Website without advance notice.
ICC Kyoto shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any damage incurred by users in connection with the foregoing.

Aside from the foregoing, ICC Kyoto shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever to users for this Website or any sites linked in this Website.

5. Links

Links will be handled in accordance with the following:

(1) Preconditions
ICC Kyoto shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for the content and organization of the linked sites.
In addition, the content of the linked sites belongs to the administrator, etc. of each respective site and is not related to ICC Kyoto.
In the case of any change in the content of or any relocation of the respective pages, ICC Kyoto will not contact the administrators of the linked sites.
ICC Kyoto shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any dispute or damage arising out of any links to this Website.

(2) Refusal of links
If a link is set from a site that falls under any of the following, ICC Kyoto will inform the administrator of such site via email that the link cannot be set:
• a site that is contrary to public order and morals;
• a site that contains adult content intended for persons eighteen (18) years of age or older;
• a site that leads to criminal acts or contains illegal content;
• a site that contains content that infringes upon any third-party property rights, privacy rights or other rights, or that
  contains slander or defamation against a third party;
• a site that constitutes pre-election campaigning, election campaigning or activities similar thereto, or that contains
  content in violation of the Public Offices Election Act;
• a site that contains content that may cause unauthorized access or a system shutdown;
• a linked site that displays ICC Kyoto’s webpages as if such webpages constitute the original webpages of the linked site
  due to framing, etc.; or
• aside from the foregoing, any site that ICC Kyoto otherwise deems inappropriate in its reasonable discretion.

(3) Links that require information to be input
Registering any link page which requires information to be input for a link is not permitted, except in the case of registering from this Website to a search engine, etc.

6. User’s Software Environment

While due consideration has been given to ensure that basic viewing will not be hindered regardless of the products or versions, certain auxiliary functions may not be available depending on the type or version of the browser.
ICC Kyoto recommends the use of the following browsers for optimal viewing of this Website.

For Microsoft Windows users:
– Latest version of Microsoft Edge
– Latest version of Firefox
– Latest version of Google chrome

For Mac OS users:
– Latest version of Safari [Download Safari]

We use web standard technologies, such as CSS and JavaScript, throughout this Website in an effort to improve accessibility and usability.
Upon the creation of this Website, we endeavor to ensure that the appearance of the webpages is not affected and information is not missing depending on the environment; however, certain layouts may not be displayed properly in browsers other than those listed above that are not compatible with these technologies.
Even if users use a recommended browser, CSS and/or JavaScript may not function depending on their browser settings; however, users can enable CSS and JavaScript by changing their browser settings.

In consideration of printing output, certain Contents are provided in PDF files to allow for them to be displayed and downloaded.
In order to use such Contents, it is necessary to install software that supports displaying and downloading, in advance.

7. Personal Information and Security

Personal information and security shall be in accordance with ICC Kyoto’s basic policy concerning the handling of personal information.
For more details, please check the following.

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