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APASL 2024 Kyoto

Held in a hybrid format over 5 days

Event: APASL 2024 Kyoto– The Center of Hepatology
Organizer: Department of Gastroenterology,
       Juntendo University, Japan
Dates: 27-31 March 2024
Participants: 6,000 on-site participants from 80 countries
       2,000 online participants
Case Studies


Case Study: Internet Governance Forum 2023

One of the most important conferences
in the field of internet policy

Event: Internet Governance Forum 2023
Organizer: United Nations /
      Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Dates: 8-12 October 2023
Participants: 6,300 on-site participants from 178 countries
       3,000 online participants  

Case Study: APNIC 56

An international conference internet technology in the Asia Pacific region, returning to Japan for the first time in 8 years

Event: APNIC 56
Organizer: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
Dates: 7-14 September 2023
Participants: 518 on-site participants and 111 online
       participants from 47 countries
Case Studies

Case Study: CGF Global Summit 2023

CGF’s most important event, exclusively for member CEOs and C-level executives.

Event: Global Summit 2023
Organizer: Consumer Goods Forum
Dates: 6-8 June 2023
Participants: 950 on-site participants from 33 countries
Case Studies

Case Study: ICONE30 / ICOPE-2023

A premier global conference attended by many experts from business, government, academia, and technical organizations

Event: The 30th International Conference on
    Nuclear Engineering / International Conference on
    Power Engineering-2023
Organizer: ICONE30: The Japan Society of Mechanical
     Engineers, American Society of Mechanical
     Engineers and Chinese Nuclear Society
     ICOPE-2023: The Japan Society of Mechanical
     Engineers / Co-organizer: American Society of
     Mechanical, Chinese Society of Power Engineering
Dates: 21-25 May 2023
Participants: 1,100 on-site participants from 26 countries

Case Study: TEDxKyoto 2023

Great success at the first on-site event in four years

Event: TEDxKyoto 2023 -Together-
Organizer: TEDxKyoto
Dates: 12 March 2023
Participants: 620 on-site participants from 5 countries


Case Study: IROS 2022

First in-person meeting in 2 years a great success with many international participants

Event: 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent
    Robots and Systems
Organizer: IROS 2022 Organizing Committee
Dates: 23-27 October 2022
Participants: 3,430 on-site participants and 891 online
       participants from 57 countries


Dr. Shugen Ma, IROS 2022 General Chair /
Professor, Ritsumeikan University Department of Robotics

This year’s in-person conference was a great success. What’s important is not only that it ended well, but also ・・・・
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The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) website has also posted about IROS 2022. Japan National Tourism Organization

Case Study: ROSCon 2022

Reuniting in Japan for the first in-person meeting since 2019

Event :ROSCon 2022
Organizer:Open Source Robotics
Dates :19-21 October 2022
Participants:801 on-site participants from 38 countries


Brian Gerkey, ROSCon General Chair / Open Robotics CEO

I can honestly say that it’s exceeded our hopes and dreams.
The last time we did an in-person conference was・・・・・ View More


Denise Barker, MeetGreen Project Manager (PCO)

I think it was both because people wanted to come back to
the first in-person ROSCon in 3 years and because the idea of Japan and Kyoto ・・・・・
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Case Study: WFITN 2022

International Participants in Attendance at ICC Kyoto

16th Congress of the World Federation of
Interventional and Therapeutic
Word Federation of Interventional and
Therapeutic Neuroradiology
21-25 August 2022
1,107 total participants (826 on-site) from 15 countries


Crime Congress – That’s a wrap!

The first ever hybrid UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice concluded in Kyoto, Japan on 12 March 2021.

Hybrid Format at The Kyoto Congress – Behind The Scene

For the first time, the UN Crime Congress is happening in a hybrid format with over 5000 participants joining from around the world.
See what it takes to create a virtual space where participants can meet, exchange, and network remotely.

COVID-19 and the effect on people incarcerated across the world

COVID-19 has had a particularly devastating effect on people incarcerated around the world. Overcrowding and limited access to healthcare have made the effects of the pandemic worse for many prisoners.

Kick-off Crime Congress in Kyoto

The 14th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice took place in a hybrid format in Kyoto, Japan from 7 to 12 March 2021.