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Tea Ceremony House Hoshoan

The Tea Ceremony House Hoshoan nestled near Lake Takaragaike is named for the “Takara” or “Ho” (treasure) character in Takaragaike, and the “Matsu” or “Sho” (pine tree) character from the name of its donor, Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, the first chairman of the Kyoto International Conference Center. Walk through the Japanese garden as you gaze at the glimmering surface of Lake Takaragaike. As you step onto the footpath that leads to the teahouse, the stately ridges of its cypress bark thatched roof appear before you. The teahouse may be used for authentic tea ceremonies, as well as welcoming your important guests and presenting them with a taste of traditional Japanese culture. It also offers moments of tranquility during your busy conference schedule.

Panorama Photo


Floor 1 ( in the Japanese Garden)
Area 120m²


Layout Number of seats Layout PDF
Tatami straw-mat seating 10 mats up to 15 guests
Western-style seating 25 m² up to 13 guests
Outdoor seating 280 m²

Notes : The adjacent Japanese-style and Western-style rooms may be divided with two storable sliding doors for use as two separate tea rooms, or as one expansive space.

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Tea ceremony Experience ①


Tea ceremony Experience ②