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High Speed Internet Connection

To facilitate ever-evolving online communication,
we have increased our number of high-speed and stable permanent dedicated internet lines.

Increase in stable dedicated optic connections
with maximum download speed of 1 Gbps
60,000 yen/line
66,000 yen (tax incl.)

Permanent Optic Line Features

①Stable high speed optic connection.

②Application : 2 weeks before the event.

③Less expensive than a temporary optic connection.

*Maximum communication speed is based on technical specifications and does not signify effective speed.
*For events that are not using the entire conference center, there are a limited number of lines available, so please consult with the staff in
 charge regarding exclusive use of the dedicated permanent optic connection.
*We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any quality loss in communications due to the fault of the telecommunications carrier.
*Even if users handle some aspects of the service themselves, the fee of the service will not change. In order to maintain quality of
 communications, all construction work including cable connection to the end terminals of cables installed by ICC Kyoto must be carried out
 by ICC Kyoto’s designated contractor.
*Please consult with the staff in charge regarding use of a global IP.
*This service is offered on a best-effort basis, and communication speed and quality are not guaranteed. Actual communication speeds vary
 depending on network usage conditions, etc.