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Booking Flow

Usage Flowchart

Follow these steps to use our venues.

  • STEP 1 Inquire about availability
  • STEP 2 Provisional application
  • STEP 3 Facility use application (full application)
  • STEP 4 Pay advance payment
  • STEP 5 Discuss usage plan
  • STEP 6 Day of event
  • STEP 7 Billing
  • STEP 8 Request for feedback (survey)

Step 1: Inquire about Availability

Enter the required items in the Availability Inquiry Form and send it. Our booking staff will contact you promptly.

Inquiry form
  • *In the case of a Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or when we are closed, we will contact you the next business day or later.
  • *Please telephone us for any questions.
    Telephone: +81-75-705-1229

Step 2: Provisional Application

If you are satisfied with the content of our proposal, you may make a provisional application.
The provisional application period is 2 weeks.
Cancelation fees do not apply during the provisional application period.

Provisional application

Step 3: Application Form

When your reservation of our facilities is finalized, we will send a set of application forms electronically. Please confirm them, fill in the Application Form, and submit it.

Set of application forms

Terms of Use
  • Guidance on Agreement and Payment
  • Facility Usage Application Form
  • Estimate

Step 4: Contract

We will examine the content of your Application Form and send you the ICC Kyoto Venue Usage Agreement. Please confirm it and send back two(2) sets of ICC Kyoto Usage Agreement with signature.

Terms of Use

Step 5: Payment

The amount, payment due date, and the method of payment of the usage fees for the facility will be specified in the Venue Usage Agreement. Charges for equipment, furniture, display materials, personnel and services should be paid no later than two weeks before the use.

Step 6: Order and Final Estimate

You are requested to have a detailed discussion and place an order with ICC Kyoto before the event.
After confirming the orders, ICC Kyoto will issue a final estimate.

Step 7: Day of Event

The dedicated staff member will support you throughout preparation, the event, and closing.

Step 8: Billing

After your event finishes, we will send you a bill, if any charges other than prepaid are incurred.