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Telecom & Internet

We will arrange for supplies necessary for your event, such as communications equipment and signage.

  • Office Equipment and Other Fees ▶
  • Signboard and Display Fees ▶
  • Notes ▶

  • The rental fees listed in the Table above are unit price for using the equipment for seven days or less.
    Please inquire about fees for using if for more than seven days.
  • A separate estimate will be made if you require more than 2 high-speed copiers.
  • Please inquire separately for dedicated use of permanent optical line.
  • When using office communication equipment in the table above, a separate temporary power supply may be required.

  • The above temporary power supply work fees include electricity usage amount.

Parking and Cleanig Fees

Signboard and Display Fees

  • Sizes and designs other than those listed in the Table above are also available. Please feel free to contact us.
  • The fees listed in the Table above include setup/removal fees.
  • Manuscript making fee is subject to additional charge.

【Information on Usage of Equipment , Furniture and Provision of Display Material】

Please confirm before applying to use equipment and furniture or have display material provided.

1. Discuss usage plan

Please have an in-depth meeting with your coordinator regarding your event at least 1 month before usage start date. Please bring program, venue layout, list of items to be provided, loading/unloading plan, and notification and application forms to this meeting.*Please read and confirm the “Emergency Preparedness Plan” for response in case of an emergency.

2. Ordering

Please determine your required arrangements at least 2 weeks before usage start date. The details and amounts listed in the “final estimate” created based on this will serve as final confirmation of your order.
*Please be aware that we may not be able to arrange some items for you after this deadline.

3. Changes and cancellations

You will be charged a cancellation fee for cancellations and changes in the details of your arrangements.
– Operators and other personnel costs: 100% of charges starting 2 weeks before work start date.
– Equipment, furniture, display material, etc.: 100% of charges starting 1 week before usage start date.
*An earlier cancellation fee (100% of charges) may occur for specialized arrangements.

4. Fee revisions

If we cannot provide an item listed on rental fee chart or estimate due to a revision in lineup or service features, we will explain the circumstances in advance and provide an equivalent or superior item to what was initially planned. Fees will be charged based on themost recent renal fee chart.

5. Moving items to another venue

Please do not move provided equipment, furniture, or display material outside the hall or meeting room they are set up in.

6. Returning to original condition

When your rental period is concluded, please return the items promptly in the same condition as at time of rental.
If you damage, deface, or lose equipment or furniture, you will be liable for damages according to Article 17 of the Guideline andRegulations for the use of ICC Kyoto.

7. Bringing your own equipment

Equipment, furniture, and display material may not be brought in from outside. Due to concerns about facility maintenance and safety management,we will provide these items via designated suppliers who have received instructions from us. However, this may be permitted in special cases when strong need is recognized.
Furthermore, due to concerns about facility maintenance and safety management, this must be performed in the presence of our staff and anattendance fee will be incurred. We will also charge a service fee based on details and scale when handling these special arrangements.