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Breaks between meetings are not just moments for a breath of fresh air – they are essential networking opportunities to communicate with

Refreshment plans

Image is for illustration purposes.

Chocolate assortment
JPY 660 / about 8 pieces
Cookies assortment
JPY 660 / about 10 pieces
Japanese sweets assortment
JPY 440 / about 4~5 pieces

Baked sweets
JPY 330 / piece
Candy assortment
JPY 550 / about 10 pieces
Standard plan (famous Kyoto confectionery)JPY 484 / person
Deluxe plan (famous Kyoto confectionery)JPY 968 / person
JPY 275 /
disposable cup
JPY 495 / china cup

Coffee (hot/ice) /Tea (hot/ice) /Orange juice/Apple juice/Oolong tea
Available for 50 or more orders


Catering service

Coffe / Tea(hot/ice)china cup/glassJPY 550
Juice glassJPY 550
Oolong TeaglassJPY 550
Mineral water (500ml plastic bottle) glassJPY 330

Self service

[Pot] Hot coffee/tea (15cups)china cupJPY 6,600disposable cupJPY 3,712
[Pitcher J Ice coffee/ tea (10cups)glassJPY 4,400disposable cupJPY 2,475
[Pitcher] Juice/ Oolong tea (10cups)glassJPY 4,400disposable cupJPY 2,475
Mineral water (500ml Plastic bottle)glassJPY 242
Water tank (About 100 cups)disposable cupJPY 2,662
Tea tank (About 100 cups)disposable cupJPY 3,388

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