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Room 158-161

These bright spaces with a veranda facing the beautiful Japanese garden are adjacent to the Main Hall and serve as its exclusive VIP rooms. Rooms 158 and 159 are waiting rooms featuring sofa sets located directly behind Room 161. Room 160 is a specially-designed waiting room located closest to the stage wings, and also includes an exclusive restroom. May be used as a special security area for high-security events.

Upper hallway to Main Hall

Panorama Photo


Floor Floors 1
Area Room 158 : 30 m²
Room 159 : 30 m²
Room 160 : 90 m²
Room 161 : 30 m²
Ceiling height 2.6m
Outline dimensions Room 158:W 5.5 m x D 4.8 m
Room 159:W 5.5 m x D 4.8 m
Room 160:W 11.0 m x D 9.7 m
Room 161:W 7.5 m x D 4.8 m


Layout Number of seats Layout PDF
【Room 158/159】Sofa
【Room 160】Sofa
【Room 161】No fixed form
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