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Room 101-104

Located near the Annex Hall entrance, these small rooms enjoy extremely easy access. Rooms 101 to 103 are bright spaces with a veranda facing the beautiful Japanese garden, perfect for banquets, VIP waiting rooms, and meetings. Room 104 faces the front rotary, and is ideal for secretariats or headquarters. Rooms 103 and 104 may be divided into two sections using a partition wall.

Room 101
Room 102
Room 103
Room 104


Floor 1
Area Room 101:55 m²
Room 102:25 m²
Room 103:90 m² (may be divided into two sections)
Room 104:100 m² (may be divided into two sections)
Ceiling height Room 101:2.4m
Room 102・103・104:2.6m
Outline dimensions Room 101:W 7.7 m x D 6.9 m
Room 102:W 7.8 m x D 3.2 m
Room 103:W 8.6 m x D 11.5 m
Room 104:W 17.0 m x D 7.7 m


Layout Number of seats Layout PDF
【Room 101】Square
【Room 102】Square
【Room 103】Square
【Room 104】Square
  • 16
    24 *in case of divided into two sections 16 & 12
    36 *in case of divided into two sections 18 & 18
Scale drawings


  • Room 101 : screen permanently installed -H 1.7 x W 2.3 m

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