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For the time being, we may open “The Grill”and “NIWA café” exclusively for event participants.

The Grill


The Grill, a restaurant centrally located on the 1st floor of the Main Hall, offers a low-key atmosphere in its 100-seat dining space and private rooms, and may also be used for group and VIP dining. Enjoy a varied menu, from the casual daily lunch, our traditional beef curry rice, Japanese-grown steak bento lunches to special authentic Western-style cuisine.

Days Closed
Days ICC Kyoto is closed
Hours 10:00-17:00 *meals only available until 15:00
Seats 106
Private rooms 2 (Room 1: 16 guests, Room 2: 10 guests) *Reservation required
Menu Menu PDF
Inquiries ICC KYOTO Catering Service, Sales Department: +81-75-705-1260.

NIWA café

NIWA café is centrally located on the 1st floor of the Main building and an expansive open space facing the beautiful Japanese garden. Spend refreshing time with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Days based on events
Hours 9:00-18:00
Seats 40

The Café Terrace

The Café Terrace is located on the 2nd floor of the Event Hall. The Café Terrace has a splendid view of the hall and offers a casual lunch menu and café menu.

Days based on events
Hours based on event schedule
Seats 118

*It is for the exclusive use of our guests