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Venue Usage

How do I make a reservation?

Please review Booking Flow for reservations.

Usage Booking Flow

How many years in advance can I make a reservation?

It depends on the type of event. Please see User’s Guide.

Terms of Use

May I receive a venue tour or estimate?

Venue tours are possible, but venues are sometimes unavailable when they are reserved or in use. Please contact us in advance.
Estimates are provided free of charge.

May I use a venue for a meal or party only?

Yes. Reservations are accepted starting 8 months in advance.

May I use the parking lot?

We have a parking lot, but the number of spaces is limited. Please ask your participants to attend via public transportation. VIP and organizer vehicles (except large vehicles) may park at the Main Entrance Rotary. Please consult with the staff in charge of your event about number of
vehicles and parking locations. When you park, please place the “Special Parking Slip” visibly on your windshield.


Food and Beverages

Will you design a party menu for me?

We create customized menus in a variety of styles to suit the diverse preferences of guests from Japan and around the world.

What are the meal prices for a party? Do you have all-you-can-drink plans?

Please see our parties pages.


What is ”Your Choice” catering service?

We partnered 5 key hotels partner several key hotels in Kyoto for ”Your Choice” in Kyoto for ”Your Choice” catering service, which will catering service, which will be available exclusively for New Hall and Event Hall.”

“Your Choice” catering service

Do you serve Muslim, vegan and allergy-free meals?

We have vegan (vegetarian), Muslim, halal, and allergy-free menus.
We also use ingredient pictograms to help guests identify foods they can eat.

Can you arrange attractions?

We can arrange geiko (geisha) dances and hand-clapping ceremonies for a unique Kyoto experience, Kabuki dance and other traditional Japanese arts, lion dances and sword-fighting shows popular with international guests, Japanese music, including original Taiko (drum), Koto (harp), and Tsugaru-jamisen (banjo), or jazz or string quartet performances.

What types of bento lunchbox do you have?

We also have light meals for morning seminars and evening seminars as well as staff bentos.

Bento Lunchboxes