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Facility History

ICC Kyoto completed large-scale retrofitting renovations on all of our buildings in March 2014 to ensure a seismic capacity of 1.25 times the new seismic standard in the Building Standards Act. These renovations made us a safer facility with a quakeproof structure that fulfills the latest government standards.
*ICC Kyoto is a Class 2 Seismic Safety Government Facility.

Second Phase Construction Inauguration Ceremony (1972)
Construction of Event Hall
Completed Event Hall (1985)
May1966 Kyoto International Conference Center completed and opened(21 May)
Jan1973 Completed press facilities and banquet hall (Rooms D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K, Banquet Hall Sakura. Total added floor area: 2,366 ㎡)
Apr1985Completed Event Hall (area: 7,977 ㎡)
Oct1986Kyoto Takaragaike Prince Hotel completed on adjoining land
June1997 Karasuma Subway Line extended, Kokusaikaikan Station opened
Nov Completed dedicated underground passageway from Kokusaikaikan Station to conference center
Apr1998 Completed Annex Hall (area: 4,146 ㎡)
Mar1999 Completed building retrofitting renovations (main building, S area)
Aug2001 Completed covered walkway from subway passageway exit to Main Entrance
Jan2003 In-house generator using co-generation system began operation
Mar Opened media center and completed full digitalization of equipment for audio, lighting, video, telecommunications, and simultaneous interpretation
Completed greywater system renovations
Mar2004 Completed renovations based on Building Access Law
Apr2006 Building retrofitting renovation construction (main building, P area)
Event Hall roof and outer wall renovation
Apr2006 Kitsunezaka Bridge opened
July2007 Building retrofitting renovations (M area, floors 5 and 6, C1 and C2 meeting rooms, Banquet Hall Swan)
Mar2008 Renovations on Event Hall lighting and transformer equipment
Building retrofitting renovations (M area, G area floors 1-3 partial)
July2009 Outer wall retrofitting renovations (P area, G area)
Event Hall HVAC renovations
Apr2010 Event Hall corridor construction
Sept Building retrofitting renovations (M area, S area floors 1-3 partial)
Mar2012 Began retrofitting renovations for all buildings
Mar2014 Completed retrofitting renovations for all buildings
Apr2016 Began construction on new multi-purpose exhibition hall in Parking Lot 1