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Safe and Clean COVID-19

Our Safety Measures for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

For greater peace of mind and assured comfort.
At ICC Kyoto, we do our best to support the all forms of interaction in the new normal of living with COVID-19.

ICC Kyoto Commitment

The following is guidance on various infection-prevention measures being implemented by ICC Kyoto in order to ensure peace of mind and safety.

Strengthened Hygiene Control

Provision of Disinfectant

Disinfectant is provided at the entrance of each building, so that hands can be disinfected as necessary.

Taking of Temperatures

A body surface temperature monitoring camera system is installed at the main entrance.
For information regarding the thermal camera used at the event, we will introduce suppliers.

Air Circulation and Ventilation

For ventilation inside the building, outside air is regularly taken in to meet the required ventilation volume
(30㎥ per person per hour) based on the Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings.

Cleaning and Sterilization

Alcohol is used to disinfect the doorknobs, handrails, desks, telephones, and other places touched by an unspecified large number of people.


Every morning, we disinfect the microphones before distributing them to speakers.

Installation of Plastic Curtains, etc.

To prevent infection through droplets, plastic curtains are installed at the main entrance reception counter and in cloakrooms.

Health Management and Wearing of Masks by Staff

Staff are required to measure their temperature and report on their physical condition before going to work.
Staff also wear masks and thoroughly gargle, wash their hands, and disinfect their hands.

Social Distancing Measures

Venue Layout

Upon request, we will create and propose a layout for social distancing.
Organizers are requested to set room capacities within 50% of maximum capacity to provide safe environments.

Number of seats

Public Spaces

Sofas, tables, etc., installed in the lobby, etc., are relocated. The layout is designed to reduce the number of available furnishings and ensure social distancing.

Restaurants and Catering


For the time being, we are changing from a buffet style to full-course meals, bento lunchboxes, etc., so that attendees can eat with peace of mind.
Furthermore, instead of a standing style, we will serve meals to seated attendees.
Upon request, we will create and propose a layout for social distancing.

Restaurant The Grill

For the time being, we may open The Grill exclusively for event participants.

  • The restaurant has a layout for social distancing and secures sufficient spacing.
  • Alcohol is used to disinfect the kitchen and other areas which are often touched by an unspecified large number of people.

NIWA café

For the time being, we may open NIWA café exclusively for event participants.

  • Places which are often touched by customers have been treated with photocatalyst coating.
  • Ethanol-based alcohol is used to disinfect the kitchen and other areas which are touched by an unspecified large number of people.

The Lodging Facilities

For the peace of mind and safety of guest staying at our lodging facilities, we have installed partitions to prevent the spread of airborne particles and wash bedding in an alcohol disinfectant solution.

For Participants and Organizers

Rules for Using ICC Kyoto

ICC Kyoto has established the following admission restrictions for use of our facilities. Please comply with these rules.

For Participants

Any person under the following conditions will be refused admission.

  1. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher
  2. Anyone who has cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath
  3. Anyone who feels fatigue or loss of taste or smell
  4. Anyone travelling from overseas within 14 days categorized as denied permission to enter Japan or someone who has been in close contact with them
  5. Anyone who has taken the medicine or got a medical check-up at the hospital within 14 days because of common cold, or someone who has been in close contact with them
  6. Aside from above, anyone who is suspected having the coronavirus infection

For Organizers

Organizers must take the following measures.
Please refer to the Guidelines for further details, including exceptions to admission restrictions.

Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19
  1. Organizers must announce the person who is defined “suspected case” cannot enter the venue in advance.
  2. Organizers must measure body temperature, etc., at the time of admission and check for symptoms which required admission restrictions.
  3. In the case that organizers find “suspected cases”, arrange for them to leave the venue.
  4. Organizers must check the health conditions of participants and staff.

Requests to Participants and Organizers

Please cooperate with the following measures aimed at creating a safe environment for everyone.

For Participants

  • Take your temperature before leaving home
  • Wear masks and mind the “coughing etiquette”
  • Thoroughly disinfect and sterilize your hands, wash your hands, and gargle
  • Refrain from participating if you are under any conditions requiring admission restrictions

For Organizers

Event Support Menu

FY2020 Subsidies for MICE Events

Please refer to the following URL for information on grant and subsidy programs, including support for holding safe MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions/Events) events with peace of mind.

Announcement of FY2020 Subsidies for MICE Events

Multilingual Hotline on COVID-19

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Operating hours: 24/7 support
TEL: 050-3816-2787
Support is available in English, Chinese, and Korean

Kyoto Prefecture

Operating hours: 24/7 support
TEL: 075-414-4726
Support is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese
※Vietnamese support is only available from 8:00 – 22:00

Network Services

Network into the Venue

The inside of ICC Kyoto is connected by 600 optical fibers and is fully digitalized for audio and video.
High-quality network distribution without delay is possible between the venues in the center and the adjacent Prince Hotel.

Internet Connection

We will respond to requests ranging from wireless LAN to temporary optical lines in the venue.

Science Information NETwork 5

ICC Kyoto is a member of the academic information network SINET5.


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