Reinforced concrete pillars and walls set at 68-degree inclines and lateral floor joists overlap repeatedly to form a combination of upright and inverted trapezoidal spaces in this solidly constructed building. The beautiful Japanese garden frames Lake Takaragaike. The Kyoto International Conference Center, set among tranquil mountains with the backdrop of Mt. Hiei, was designed by architect Sachio Otani with the concepts of “reflecting the ancient capital Kyoto and the surrounding natural environment”, and “humans gathering and conversing within nature”. Much of the furniture and interior decoration is the work of interior designer Isamu Kenmochi.

Allow us to introduce a few anecdotes about the architecture of our facility, which is known as one of the representative works of modern architecture in Japan.

ICC Kyoto Modern Architecture

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Architecture and Furniture

Introducing our architecture and furnishings concept

Collaboration between Architecture and Art

Introducing the merging of our architecture and modern art

Encounter Authentic Japanese Culture

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