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9th IDF-WPR Congress / 4th AASD Scientific Meeting


Asia and Western Pacific region has the largest number of diabetic patients in the world. In that region, clinical conditions are diverse because of variety of ethnicity as well as cultural back ground, and approach to science-navigated treatment is an urgent need. This time, under the theme of “Exploring Diversity of Diabetes in the WPR; Science-Navigated Care and Education”, 4,081 health-care professionals and researchers from East and South East Asia and other Western Pacific areas gathered and engaged in discussions about clinical and basic researches, education, and treatment of diabetes.
Illuminative events accompanied the Congress, namely, open lectures for citizens, “3 km-run & walk”, “aerobic exercise”, and “diabetes conversation map”. Total number of participants was 1,598. To draw people’s attention to eradication of diabetes, famous spots including ICC Kyoto, Nijo castle, Toji Temple,and Kiyomizu Temple were lit up, and subtle and profound scenes loomed up in the night sky.
※9th IDF-WPR Congress /9th International Diabetes Federation Western Pacific Regional Congress
※4th AASD Scientific Meeting/4th Scientific Meeting of the Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes

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