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Conference Support Services

Our Services

Our service staff is composed of university students and graduates who have passed a test and interview.

Secretariat support

  • Support for office work such as responding to visitors and phone calls, copying, etc.
  • Support for operations, such as contacting venues, keeping track of progress and operations, etc.


  • Reception for participants, checking attendance, handing out materials
  • Guiding and directing participants
  • Collection of fees for participation/registration/parties, sale of programs or abstract compilations, etc.
  • Reception for performers and moderators
  • Assistance with receiving presentation data
  • Contact point between venue and secretariat/headquarters

*If you wish support staff to handle currency, you must inform us beforehand and assign a person in charge of registration/reception from the hosting organization.

General guidance

  • Guidance to venue
  • Guidance within and around venue
  • Tourist information
  • Loudspeaker announcements
  • Handling lost articles
  • Maintaining message board

Venue progression

  • Liaison between moderator and secretariat/headquarters
  • Timekeeping for presentation times
  • In-venue announcements
  • Projecting announcements to side screens
  • Water, equipment, room temperature, seating, and other in-venue management
  • Name displays for moderators or performers

Poster venues

  • Moderator/performer reception
  • Equipment, room temperature, and other in-venue management
  • Collecting of posters not taken home


  • Receiving, managing, and returning items

And more

  • Creation of an operation manual is also available separately (fee charged)

Service Fees

Time Standard rates (tax excluded)
1 person, whole day 8 hours between 8:00 and 21:00 14,000 yen
*8 hours includes a 60-minute break.
1 person, half day 4 hours between 8:00 and 21:00 7,500 yen
Extended time (per hour) Between 8:00 and 21:00 1,800 yen
Night (per hour) Between 21:00 and 8:00 2,200 yen
*Please consult with us in advance about availability.

*The above fees include staff meal (not needed for half day) and transportation expenses.

*We require you to pay for taxi for staff working late-night or early-morning outside of public transportation hours.

Usage Information

Service staff working hours

1 day 8 hours between 8:00 and 21:00 (break: 60 minutes, real working hours: 7 hours)
Half day 4 hours between 8:00 and 21:00

*We require a separate extension fee per hour for work exceeding the above hours.

*We charge a premium rate for work before 8:00 or after 21:00.

Staff receive a break for 6 or greater consecutive hours of work (based on Labor Standards Act).

Service staff attire

Staff will wear the following attire unless there is any special request.

Female staff

Navy, black, or dark gray skirt or trousers, white blouse (navy, black, or gray jacket in winter season), ICC Kyoto scarf, leather shoes

Male staff

Navy, black, or dark gray suit, button-up shirt, necktie, leather shoes

Services handling currency

We request the following when service staff must handle currency at reception.

  • Event organizers must assign a person to manage reception from the hosting organization.
  • Please place security guards at the reception or cashier as necessary.

*If you wish to borrow a safe to keep currency, please submit the Lending Safe Usage Application Form.


Please submit your order after discussing the scope of work with the staff in charge of your event.

Please order at least 1 month ahead of time.

If you wish to add/change number of staff, please notify the staff in charge of your event at least 2 weeks ahead of time.

If you wish to add/change working hours, please contact us at least 8 days before the first working day.

We require a full payment for cancelations 7 days or fewer before the event.


We will bill you after your conference is finished.

Conference operation fees will be charged for manual creation or other separate costs related to conference operations.

Contact Information

Inquiries on service content: Sales Promotion Department

Telephone: +81-75-705-1229, or contact the staff in charge of your event.

Inquiries on service content: Conference Support Services

Telephone:+81-75-705-1266 E-mail:support(at)
※When sending us an email, please change ‘at ’to @.