Equipment Lineup

Network System

All conference and meeting rooms are linked via a network of more than 600 single-mode optic fibers and about 100 multimode optic fibers. SC & MC optical patches enable unrestricted rearrangement of circuit configurations. Of the six independent LANs built on Gigabit Ethernet and FDDI networks (three information networks, one control, one audiovisual), the information LAN can be opened to conference participants as required. The result is fast and stable information-sharing over a high-grade conference network.

Network System

Wireless LAN

Free WiFi is available inside the whole buildings of ICC Kyoto.

  • Users shall be responsible for any problems that may arise due to connecting and / or reconfiguring PCs.
  • Services may be interrupted for server maintenance.
  • No special security measures are put in place.
  • ICC Kyoto reserves the right to limit or suspend access if / when any kid of trouble arises.

Additional WiFi service

  • Fee-charging additional WiFi is available at your request.
    Authentication password will be given.