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Bento Lunchboxes

Our bentos are the essence of Japan encapsulated in a modest box, with the freshest ingredients of the season colorfully packed into each small compartment. This aspect of Japanese culinary culture is a delight for both sight and taste, and has become popular around the world. Our conference center bentos cater to the needs of our guests with blended Western-Japanese cuisine and plentiful variety.

Our Bentos

3,240 yen
2,160 yen
1,620 yen
5,400 yen
1,890 yen
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*The following fees include tax and service feels. Bentos are served starting at 11:00 AM.

Please see here for light meals for morning and evening seminars and staff bentos.

Our Banquet Halls

The conference center has a wide variety of venues, including the Banquet Hall Sakura, which faces Mt. Hiei, the Banquet Hall Swan, which faces the expansive Japanese garden adjacent to Lake Takaragaike, the Event Hall, which is the largest venue in Kyoto, and the Annex Hall, with movable partitions for flexible use. We eagerly await your visit.

  • Banquet Hall Sakura(Round tables: 300 persons, long tables: 450 persons, standing: 500 persons)
  • Banquet Hall Swan(Round tables: 140 persons, long tables: 140 persons, standing: 300 persons)
  • Event Hall(Round tables: 1,100 persons, long tables: 1,700 persons, standing: 2,000 persons)
  • Annex Hall(Round tables: 630 persons, long tables: 1,000 persons, standing: 1,000 persons)