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Other Services

Cloak Room

We have two cloak facilities, the permanent cloak room next to the 1st floor central elevator, and temporary one near the Main entrance. We open the permanent cloak room when events are held.

The temporary cloak room is available to lend out, but we can also arrange for cloak staff separately if requested.

*We cannot accept valuables, non-folding umbrellas, or conference bags (unlabeled).

Gift Shop

A variety of traditional Kyoto products are available. We can also arrange for commemorative gifts for your event.
Kyoto’s appeal is in its meticulous quality and traditional beauty passed down through the generations. We invite you to use our uniquely Kyoto fine goods for presents, souvenirs, and in your daily life.

*Office equipment is not available.

Masterpieces from Kyoto firms

Traditional Crafts

Kyoto Handy Craft Center

Enjoy the experience of making Kyoto Inlay which is one of Japan’s oldest traditional crafts and has a history of over 1000 years.

Kimura Ohshido Co., Ltd

Founded in 1887. A Kyoto shop souvenir shop that sells Kyoto traditional crafts and Japanese accessories, with a focus on Kyoto dolls. Located in front of Kiyomizu Temple.

Kyoto Sen’i Co., Ltd

The Goryouan shop sells Japanese accessories.

Shoyeido Incense Co.

A 300-year-old incense specialty shop with items ranging from Buddhist service incense and tea ceremony incense to incense sticks and sachets.

Tatsumura Textile Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1894. This shop specializes in high-quality Japanese-style accessories created with craftsmanship techniques, using art textiles with meticulously-selected materials.

Hyogensha Co., Ltd

A Japanese stationery specialty store offering writing sheets, postcards, greeting cards, small envelopes, letter incense, and more.


A Japanese accessory specialty store embodying the elegance of Kyoto. Offers Kyoto sundries, Japanese-style accessories, interior goods, and more.


Izutsu Yatsuhashi Honpo

Founded in 1805, this Kyoto sweets shop offers Yatsuhashi, the famous Kyoto sweet that has inherited the values of Yatsuhashi Kengyo, the father of koto music.

Kogetsu Co., Ltd.

A Kyoto sweets shop that revamped the famed Kyoto snack “Senju Senbei” using milk products.

Tawaraya Yoshitomi

Founded in 1755, a Kyoto sweets shop that offers the famed Unryu confection.

Nishiri Co., Ltd.

Kyoto pickles specialty shop with the concept of “deliciously mild” pickled vegetables, ranging from traditional Kyoto pickles to adaptations suited to modern tastes.

Nomura Tsukudani

An Obanzai (Kyoto home cooking) shop in the Kyoto Nishiki Market offering Kyoto tsukudani (soy sauce simmered dishes) and more.

Fukujuen Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer and seller of Japanese tea founded in 1790.