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Business Center & Cloak

Business Center

PC corner, printer, copier, scanner, shredder, change machine and more available on a self-service basis.
The Business Center may be rented out for events or a temporary business center or press center can be set up. (For-pay service)

Connect your own PC to internet

  • 6 internet ports available.
  • Available free of charge.
  • You may not use the printer with your own computer.


  • 100 yen / 15 minutes
  • Using the printer will decrease your remaining allotted PC time.
    Color: 4 minutes and 30 seconds per page
    Black-and-white: 1 minute and 30 seconds per page
    *Only 1 printer available.
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Software: Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • 2 Japanese PCs and 2 English PCs
  • Connectable to the Internet
  • *Please make sure to delete all of your files when you are finished.


  • Color: 30 yen/page
  • Black-and-white: 10 yen/page
  • Scanner: 10 yen/page
  • *Supports stapling feature and direct USB input.
  • *Only 1 copier/scanner available.

Digital camera printer

  • L size: 40 yen/page
  • 2L size: 100 yen/page
  • *Supports various media, including digital cameras, mobile phones, USB, CF cards, memory sticks, SD cards, MSD, photo CDs, etc.
  • *Only 1 digital camera printer available.

Electronic shredder

  • Free of charge.

*Only 1 shredder available.

Change machine (Japanese yen)

  • Changes money from bills to bills or from bills to coins.

Currency Exchanging Money

Our currency exchange service changes foreign currency to Japanese yen for conference participants.

United States dollars
Pounds sterling (Scottish pounds not accepted)
Australian dollar
Hong Kong dollar
Singapore dollar
Chinese Yuan
New Taiwan dollar
Indonesian Rupiah
Malaysian Ringgit
Korean Won
Thai Baht

Only bills are accepted, no coins.
We cannot change Japanese yen to foreign currency.

Cloak Room

We have two cloak facilities, the permanent cloak room next to the 1st floor central elevator, and temporary one near the Main entrance. We open the permanent cloak room when events are held.

The temporary cloak room is available to lend out.

*We cannot accept valuables, non-folding umbrellas, or conference bags (unlabeled).