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Open Day & Facility Tour

Our facility is only open to the public on designated days each month.

ICC Kyoto Open Day

Come and join our “ICC Kyoto Open Day”.
Anyone who is interested in our facility can look around.
Check the date here! Open Day Calendar

Facility Tour(In Japanese ONLY)

On a day during the ICC Kyoto Open day, “Facility Tour” is conducted.
Our guide will show you the highlights of the facility, including the charm of the building and the artworks, and also introduce some rooms that are not usually open to the public, as well as some of the hidden stories from the beginning of us. The tour takes about 60 min, free of charge, explanation in Japanese ONLY.

This tour is very popular, so participants will be drawn by lot. You can get a chance to join the tour by applying from the application form here.
We will email the winners. Looking forward to your application! Application Form

*Even in above, some rooms or areas may not be available for viewing depending on its status, and the dates of “ICC Kyoto Open Day” and “Facility Tour” are subject to change or cancelation without notice.


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