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Global Summit 2023

Plenary sessions ー Main Hall ー

Plenary sessions in the Main Hall discussed various topics including sustainability, one of the key challenges CGF seeks to address.

The wide screen was capable of handling a variety of content layouts and had a strong visual impact

Placing a monitor behind the panelists allowed the audience to see virtual and in-person panelists in the same line of sight

Discussions included executives from Kyoto’s long-standing establishments, who introduced Kyoto as a model for partnerships between business and community

Lobby ー Main Lounge ー

Coffee breaks in the main lounge included sponsored presentations and interaction between participants.

15-minute presentations using a large LED screen

The sponsored espresso bar was popular with participants and always bustling

Taking advantage of the long breaks for networking

Exhibition ー Banquet Hall Sakura ー

The exhibition featured spacious booths with space for networking, where each company showcased their products and services while holding business discussions.

Open booths without walls

Networking between participants

Business deals at each booth

Breakout sessions ー Room A, Room B-1, Room D ー

The breakout sessions also featured custom-built stage sets that created a studio atmosphere.

Room A

Room A

Room B-1

Sustainability ー Registration, in front of each room ー

As a Race to Zero Accelerator*, CGF held a more sustainable event by using local ingredients for catering and reducing one-time and
plastic containers and utensils as much as possible. ICC Kyoto also measured usage of electricity, water, and gas during the conference for
the first time.

*Race to Zero is a global campaign to support efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by half by 2030, and Accelerators are organizations that are committed to expediting the process through leadership

Digital signs at registration and in front of each rooms that could be updated freely as necessary

Participant tags were made of paper instead
of plastic

Display of sustainability initiatives in the lounge