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Business Center

PC corner, printer, copier, scanner, shredder, digital camera printer, change machine (Japanese yen) and more available on a self-service basis.

Connect your own PC to internet

  • 6 internet ports available.
  • Available free of charge. Wi-Fi is also available free of charge throughout our facilities.
  • You may not use the printer with your own computer.


  • 100 yen / 15 minutes
  • Using the printer will decrease your remaining allotted PC time.
    Color: 4 minutes and 30 seconds per page
    Black-and-white: 1 minute and 30 seconds per page
    *Only 1 printer available.
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Software: Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • 2 Japanese PCs and 2 English PCs
  • Connectable to the Internet
  • *Please make sure to delete all of your files when you are finished.


  • Color: 30 yen/page
  • Black-and-white: 10 yen/page
  • Scanner: 10 yen/page
  • *Supports stapling feature and direct USB input.
  • *Only 1 copier/scanner available.

Digital camera printer

  • L size: 40 yen/page
  • 2L size: 100 yen/page
  • *Supports various media, including digital cameras, mobile phones, USB, CF cards, memory sticks, SD cards, MSD, photo CDs, etc.
  • *Only 1 digital camera printer available.

Electronic shredder

  • Free of charge.

*Only 1 shredder available.

Change machine (Japanese yen)

  • Changes money from bills to bills or from bills to coins.

*Only 1 change machine available.