Main Hall & Room A

4搬入口Loading Entrance搬入口Loading Entrance搬入口Loading EntranceRoom 1611階の800席にテーブルとコンセントを完備All 800 seats on the 1st oor are equippedwith tables and power outlets.4階席まで吹抜けの大空間A huge space with a four-story ceiling.階段から続く総絨毯張りステージFeaturing a carpet-covered stage with a staircase.Room 157Room 158Room 159Room 160(VIP)2nd Floor336*3rd Floor247*4th Floor279*4th Floor1stFloor1stFloorレイアウトLayout1,840席800席各89席336席247席279席1,840 seats800 seats89 seats per side336 seats247 seats279 seats固定席1階席1階両サイド席2階席3階席4階席Fixed Seating1st Floor1st Floor Sides2nd Floor3rd Floor4th Floor施設概要Facility Overview1階1st Floor フロア面積天井高搬入口LocationAreaCeiling HeightLoading Entrance設備一覧Equipment List8室2台[常設]12,000ルーメン/ 2台可動式 3本可動式 2本W 10.5m × H 7.8mW 12.4m × H 7.0m[組立]W 26.0m × D 8.0m × H 1.0m2本[3kw]8 booths2 [xed]12,000 lm / 2 unitsMovable type, 3 unitsMovable type, 2 units[assembled]2 units [3kw]同時通訳ブースデジタルHDカメラHD対応レーザープロジェクター照明バトン美術バトンスクリーン舞台クセノンスポットライトSimultaneous InterpretationDigital HD Video CameraHD Laser ProjectorLighting BattenArt BattenScreenStageXenon Spot Lightseats)(2,040㎡15.0mW 2.4m × H 2.0m1st Floor800*両サイド各89席A total of 89 seats per side.

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