Main Hall & Room A

2ときに厳粛に、ときに華麗に、この舞台は、各国の要人たちを迎え入れ、客席と舞台との響き合いを演出し、国際会議を知の刺激と感動で包み込んでいく。日本で唯一、国連方式を採用した会議場。歴史的な舞台にふさわしい、荘厳で開放的な空間に、今日もまた、喝采は、響き渡る。Applause that resounds throughthe universeSome times with solemnity and other times with splendor, this stage has welcomed VIPs from around the world. Optimizing resonance between the audience and the stage, international conferences are filled with intellectual stimulation and inspiration. This is the only conference hall in Japan designed in the seating layout of the United Nations style. Today again, an enthusiastic applause reverberates throughout the hall in this grand open space, a space that has witnessed historic conferences.

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