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With a 50-year record of conference operations, ICC Kyoto takes on the challenge of resolving a variety of issues in partnership with conference organizers. From helping attract conferences to proposing a wide range of service plans, creating venue layouts, and arranging for equipment, decorations, meals, and staff – Dedicated event staff coordinate any and all services needed for your conference.

Our Services

Information on equipment, decorations, security, and cleaning services

Your Choice catering service

We have introduced the option of choosing a catering service at New Hall and Event Hall, among the largest party venues in Kyoto

Catering Services

Information on catering services, including parties, bento lunchboxes, and refreshments

Conference Support Services

Information on event support services, including registration/reception, guidance, and cloakroom

Helpful Information on Supporting Your Event

Information on support for attracting and holding conferences, and lodgings and tourist guide

Helpful Information for Running Your Event

Pamphlets, manuals, application forms, and information on sending packages, loading/unloading, and usage guidelines