Equipment Lineup

AV Equipment

In March 2003, all audiovisual and simultaneous interpreting equipment became fully digital, based on a 600-optic fiber network laid over the ICC Kyoto complex. The high quality and reliability of the digital network system is equal to broadcasting stations, and creates a conference environment of the highest global standard.
Our specialized technical section is ready to meet the needs of customers in the new era, from anywhere in the world.

  • Network System
  • Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • Media Center
  • Lighting
  • Audio System
  • Video System
  • Digital Presentation

Structural Facilities

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted during the Kyoto Global Warming Conference (COP3), which took place in Kyoto International Conference Center. In view of this type of conference, we believe it is important for conference centers to be environmentally friendly. Therefore, we installed a co-generation system and water recycling system.

  • Co-generation System
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Water Recycling System
  • Barrier-Free